Case Presentation

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Case Presentation

Difficult cases are presented in the presence of all faculties. This case presentation class is held in the 2nd Floor of the hospital to diagnose the disease accurately. There are many difficult cases which are presented by the different units of the neurology as well as neurosurgery departments. It is very interesting that many patients after getting incomplete and improper treatment in different places of the country as well as outside country, has got accurate diagnosis of that disease.

This case presentation classes are held in Every Sunday in the room number 348.

Date  Case Patient Age Presenter
14.06.2022 A Child with Rcurrent Convulsion with headache Child Dr. Laila Yeasmin (Paed. Neuro.
14.06.2022 A 22 yrs Lady withy weight gain & menstrual irregularity 22 yrs Sr. Shimul Bhattacharjee
09/01/2024 A 12 Yrs old girl presenced with headache and visual disturbance . 12 yrs Sr. Delowar Hossain-Phase-B,Resident, Neurosurgery
09/1/2024 A 37 Years presenting with weakness and wasting of all limbs.  37 yrs Dr.Sanjiban Pal, Phase-B,Neurology